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Troubleshooting Pressure Issues with Your Pressure Washer

A problem with your pressure washer can occur in different parts. When these parts develop a problem, you need to be in a position to understand how the problem will affect the performance of your pressure washer and how best to handle the problem. For this reason, here are a few pressure troubleshooting tips for your pressure washer.

Drop in Pressure 

If there is a constant drop in the pressure of water coming from your high-pressure washer, the major cause could be a blockage. A blockage can occur in multiple parts of your high-pressure washer, including an obstruction or blockage in the hose or nozzle, and a damaged valve or hose. Therefore, start by inspecting you pressure washer nozzle. Remove it carefully and inspect for anything such as solvent or soap build-up that might block the flow of water through it. If the nozzle is worn out, you might want to have it replaced too.

Check the valve spring as well as the discharge valve for any signs of wear or dirt. Make sure you clean them or replace them if worn out. Do the same for the inlet hose as well as the filter.

Surging Pressure

You will realise a surge problem when you pull the trigger on the pressure washer and the pressure seems normal for a while but then drops gradually. Also, once you release the trigger, you may notice the pressure building up to normal levels again. A surge problem means that your water supply is not sufficient enough to provide the amount of litres per minute that’s required by your pressure pump.  

To handle the problem, check to ensure that there are no restrictions to the water supply, such as obstructions in the inlet screen or undersized fittings. In addition, check for any leaks in your supply fittings because the leaks will make the pressure washer pump to draw in air.

Last, you want to find out whether the flow rate of your water supply is enough for the pump. To do this, determine the pump’s capacity in litres per minute. You will then need to find out the amount of litres per minute that your water supply can deliver. If it’s not sufficient for your pump, then you should find another pump.

Too Much Pressure

Too much pressure from your pressure washer can be affected by the size of the nozzle. If it’s too small, you will need to have it replaced with a right sized one. A faulty pressure gauge may also be another cause because it will give false readings.