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Some Features to Look For in Bump Trucks With Attenuators

A bump truck is a type of truck that you use for crews who are working in the road or to the side of the road, in order to provide an extra type of cushioning if a driver were to swerve toward the crew. They would hit the bump truck before they hit the workers, keeping them safe. An attenuator is a sign or other alert on the back of a bump truck. Having this type of equipment can be very important for any type of construction or road crew, and if you’re in charge of such a crew, you want to consider investing in a bump truck with attenuator to keep them safe. Note a few features to consider before shopping.

1. Variable message sign 

It may seem like a small thing, but if you will be using your bump truck in various areas and for different work crews, you want a variable message sign. A mix of usable numbers and lettering will allow you to change the caution sign as needed. You may need drivers to move over a lane, slow their speed, or just note that there are workers in the area. In some cases you may be legally obligated to display a certain warning sign, and having this variable messaging will save you the cost of investing in actual signs to use on the side of the road.

2. Automatic braking system

While a bump truck will help to absorb the impact of a crash, you don’t want it to move with an oncoming vehicle, toward your work crew. In high-speed areas where a crash might actually move the bump truck out of place, opt for an automatic braking system. This is one that will adjust the power and pressure of the brakes to an area of an impact, typically the rear wheels. This automatic adjustment will keep the bump truck in place during an impact or reduce the risk of it sliding toward the work crew if it does get hit.

3. Modular design

A bump truck and attenuator made in sections will mean that you only need to repair or replace one section if it should get hit and absorb that impact. If you chose an attenuator in one piece and it were to get hit, you may need to replace the entire attenuator the bump truck itself. Note that a modular design may be more expensive to purchase but it can mean fewer repair costs over time, and in turn, worth that investment.

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