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Handy Tips for Leak Detection

One of the biggest inconveniences you could face as a homeowner is plumbing problems. However, having a burst pipe can also be one of the toughest problems to spot if you are not aware of what to look for. Plumbing problems are best addressed post haste since if they are left unabated, it could lead to both property damage as well as costly repairs. Here are some handy tips for leak detection that could help you enlist the services of a plumber sooner rather than later.

Strange noises emanating from your piping system

Before a leak spreads, you will typically hear signs of trouble from your plumbing system. There are a number of noises that you should have your ear out for. If you hear incessant bubbling emanating from the toilet or the sink, it typically means that there is air trapped. This could indicate a broken pipe and would require immediate professional plumbing services. Another sound to listen out for would be whistling when using your faucets. This sound indicates that the pipe cannot handle the volume of water and could eventually lead to them bursting. A professional plumber can determine what is causing the blockage and remedy it before it is too late. Lastly, listen out for clanking noise. This typically indicates some pipes have come apart and are hitting each other. Which also means that water is not being directed through the appropriate channels. A professional plumber will repair these pipes before any leaks get out of hand.

Dampness on your walls

Another sure fire sign for leak detection is damp walls. A common misconception homeowners have is that it could be condensate. However, damp walls indicate either a leaking roof or burst pipes within the walls. As the water keeps leaking, it begins to be absorbed into the walls and presents itself as a fine mist on the surface. Over time, you may even notice some fine cotton like substances developing on your walls. All these indicate a serious water leak, and you would require the services of a professional plumber before the structural integrity of your walls begin to be compromised.

Increased water bills

Another mistake homeowners make is blaming an increase on their water bill on the city council. If there have been no alerts on the increase of your water payments, then chances are you have an undetected leak on the property that is haemorrhaging your water supply. Any sharp increments in your utility bills should be a warning sign about an undetected leak. For more information, contact a business such as Austin Waterproofing Pty Ltd.