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How to Use a Snatch Block to Make Cable Hauling Simpler

There are a wide variety of equipment that is required when you are completing a job involving cable. A winch is an essential piece of equipment, but you can increase the functionality of this cable hauling equipment by attaching a snatch block to the winch. A snatch box is specifically designed to increase the pulling power by substantial amounts and offers ease in functionality.

Basics of Use

The design of a snatch block is similar to a pulley system. It is essentially a pulley block that has an attached side plate that can move sideways to open. It is possible to use the side plate opening to your advantage by avoiding having to thread the cable through the winch opening. All you have to do is open the side plate and just place the cable over the pulley. This allows you to close the side plate and not have to worry about threading the cable.

Changing Anchor Point

There are basically two functions that are attainable when you use a snatch block as an attachment on your winch. It allows for the direction of the winch cable to be adjusted as long as the anchor point is offset. One of the biggest keys to winching involves ensuring that all cable spools are attached to the winch drum evenly. This is done most efficiently when you are pulling in a forward motion, but if you are puling at angle it is likely that the cable will begin bunch up within the winch drum. This will not occur if you use a snatch box on your winch. This is the easy solution when you do not have an anchor point on your vehicle. A snatch box allows you to create an angled single line pull that will not bunch up on one side.

Increasing Pulling Power

In addition to being able to limit cable bunching, it is also possible to increase pulling power using a snatch block. This allows you to create a double line pull If the winch does not offer enough power to move the vehicle, it is required that you use a snatch block. The snatch block will allow you to redirect the winch cable in the direction of the winch. The pulling power of any winch can be more than doubled by simply using a snatch block. Since it increases the functionality of a winch and makes cable hauling simpler, the snatch block is an essential piece of equipment that you need for most jobs.