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Office Floor Tiles | 3 Smart Considerations when Choosing Tiling Options for Office Flooring

Choosing tiles for the office is different from choosing tiling options for the home. That’s because office floor tiles require careful thought and consideration for many reasons –– they should not distract from the corporate environment and must be comfortable underfoot. Getting into the flooring trend for your office is a lot easier when you pay attention to these smart considerations for choosing tiles for office flooring.

Consider the Office Environment

Start by considering the existing style and environment of your workplace. Are you engaged in a creative field where imagination is the key to success? Or are you in a corporate financial field, where subtleness drives delivery? You’ll want to choose tiles that won’t distract from your work and will set the tone for the type of job you do. For example, in a corporate environment, you may want to choose big tiles in subtle colours, because they are less distracting. Tiles that are less distracting on the eye make it easier for employees to concentrate on work. If you’re in a creative field, you can choose patterned tiles that accelerate inspired thinking and innovation.

Choose the Type of Tile Based on Level of Movement

You’ll want to choose the right type of tile depending on the level of movement and foot traffic in your office. For example, offices that require employees to move around a lot would benefit from soft tiles like vinyl and linoleum, since they are softer and less stressful underfoot. If your team doesn’t have to move around much and you’re looking to attract more customers and visitors, choose ceramic or porcelain tiles that are more visually attractive. Also, make sure you consider tiles with high abrasion resistance, because they don’t get damaged easily with grit, sand and mud. Ceramic, linoleum and porcelain are highly abrasion resistant tile surfaces.

Determine Colour to Complement Existing Office Décor

The colour of your office tiles should ideally complement the existing colour scheme in your office for a homogenous finish. You certainly don’t want to choose clashing colours that would cause distractions in the office. Since tiles are more permanent than wall paint, be sure to choose neutral tones that will resonate with different colour schemes. For example, beiges, whites, light browns and greys complement multiple colour themes. Light colours like beige and white can provide a calming effect in a high stress environment.

Contact a professional supplier like the Tile Warehouse (Newcastle) Pty Ltd, and make sure you follow these smart considerations for choosing the right tiles for your office.