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NBN Rollout: Difference Between FTTP, FTTN and HFC Connections

Posted by on Sep 29, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

With the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) progressing at a steady pace, now would be a good time to review the different connections being made available to consumers. NBNCo, in their most recent strategic report, have outlined a new approach that would see Australian internet users receive one of three connection types: FTTP, FTTN or HFC. Here is a brief outline of the differences between these connections, and what it could mean for your download speeds: FTTP (Fibre-To-The-Premises) This connection is also known as FTTH (Fibre-To-The-Home) The fibre optic cable is connected directly to the building, bypassing any old copper connections NBNCo advertises a max download speed of 100Mbps, but these systems can potentially reach 1Gbps (ten times faster) Download speeds are unaffected by location (unlike FTTN) or other local connections (like HFC) This is the best system...

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Four DIY Troubleshooting Steps for Your Ducted Air Conditioning System

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Though there are several air conditioning repairs that you should leave to the professionals, some basic steps can be handled on your own. If you have noticed issues with your ducted system, take a moment to consider some things that may be causing the issues. Here are a few DIY troubleshooting steps you can take before calling your repair technician. Check for Blockages If you are noticing that your unit is not putting out the amount of cold air that it normally does, or if one room is hotter than others, you may have already checked for block vents. The problem is that the blockage could be in other room vents, the ducted work itself, or even in the fan. Before calling the technician, check all areas including the fan to ensure there is no dust or large debris...

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